Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Head Rush - fun science show from Discovery with great website

Head Rush is a one-hour, commercial-free TV show on the Science Channel using a mash-up of resources from Mythbusters. It is aimed at middle-school students, but is great for any age. It explores science and technology and how it impacts us in everyday life. They also touch on math, engineering, natural history and space through hands-on experiments, video clips, questions and answers, games and more. There are also visits from other celebrities from Discovery TV, including Mythbusters.

The show is hosted by Kari Byron, who is also on Mythbusters. The show airs Monday-Friday at 4pm and Saturday mornings from 7am-9am.

The website has video clips from the show, games, science news, science information, and much more.

The show, and the website, are great for students and teachers and can be used to help students better understand and appreciate science.


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