Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Android Smartphone and Apps I use as an educator

I recently got an Android SmartPhone (HTC Droid Incredible 2) and have been exploring the Android Market looking for apps.
Droid Incredible 2

I really like Android. It's easy to use, powerful, has tons of apps, and HTC's Sense UI is really nice. The browser is also really great, supports multiple browser windows and has Flash and Air. Android has great notifications and multi-tasking too (although no one, not even Apple, can beat webOS's notifications and multi-tasking - it's too bad HP is pretty much shutting down webOS.)

In the past, I've written about educational apps for the Palm/HP smartphones running webOS. Today, I'd like to share some cool apps for Android. All of these apps allow me to use my smartphone as a mobile computer and pretty much do anything on it that I can do on my desktop or laptop.

For anyone who uses Google's applications, Android is a dream because it comes with them all and they work great. There are also great apps for all of the other services I use.

1. Google - search, Gmail, Calendar, Reader, Google Plus, Docs, Google Tasks, Blogger, Maps, Google Voice, Voice Search, Translate, Music,, YouTube, and much more. They all work great, with Docs having full editing features and Translate even translating spoken word. I use lots of Google apps so this makes my life much easier and more productive.

2. Evernote - a must have app and service for pretty much everyone - teachers, students, administrators, mom's, dad's, business people, etc. The Android App is excellent and you can sync your notebooks to your phone for offline access. Take notes, clip web sites, upload files, upload and search photos, share notebooks, and much more.

3. Email - I have my Gmail account, Optimum account, and School email all set up, along with the Gmail account for my grad school.

4. QuickOffice - access, view, and edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel files.Free version comes with phone and can view documents. Pro version adds editing for a fee.

5. Cloud Storage apps - Dropbox, SugarSync, and Zumodrive - access, upload, download all your files and data.

6. Kindle - access my books on my phone. Great for research or relaxation. Syncs with my Amazon account so I can start off where I left off on my TouchPad.

7. TweetDeck - I love Twitter as a learning and sharing tool and the TweetDeck app on Android is great. Works just like the desktop/web version.

8. Web Browser - the web browser is excellent on Android. It supports multiple web pages open at once and has Adobe Flash and Air. I have yet to meet a website that I couldn't view in it's entirety. It's also very fast. I can access all kinds of web services and sites using the browser, including PowerTeacher, our district's SIS.

I've used a PDA since the Palm IIIxe in 2000, moving up through a Palm T3, Palm TX, Palm Centro Smarpthone, Palm Pre+ Smartphone and now an Android smartphone. I love the ability to access information and data, and connect with others, and get work done, all with a device I carry in my pocket.

Check out Android Central for tips, resources, device and app reviews, news, help, and more on Android.


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