Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Google+ and Google+ Pages - great for educators and schools  

Google recently launched Google+ Pages, which allows groups, companies and organizations to create pages on Google+ (similar to Facebook). Google+ Pages offers some nice features that are especially nice for education.

Google+ is Google's social network. Features include "Circles" where you put people and groups you follow. The circles allow you to selectively view certain posts and also share your posts with certain Circles only. For instance, you could have different Circles for each of your classes and selectively post information based on which class you want to receive it. You could also have a personal or friends circle and the things you post there would not be visible to your students.

I use Facebook for connecting with friends, since that's where most of them are right now. I have been using Twitter to connect with other educators, but now as more and more of my PLN are getting on Google+, I'm connecting with them there too. With Google+, you aren't limited to 140 characters, can post pictures and videos right with your comment, and comments are all kept with the original post.

Google+ Pages are a great way for groups, companies and organizations to communicate, share, and interact with their members and the public. People follow different pages to get the updates from those pages in their stream.

Some features I like about Google+ Pages over Facebook:

  • ability to sort the pages you follow by category (circle) makes it easier to view just what you want to.
  • no annoying ads or games like on Facebook. 
  • Hangouts - video conferencing and chat
  • easy to create and manage
  • Not blocked in most schools like Facebook
  • less distractions than Facebook

Google+ Pages are a great resource for teachers, clubs, schools, and districts to use to communicate and interact with their community.

I created a Google+ Page for Educational Technology Guy. You can add my personal Google+ account and  the Page to your circles.

If you are not on Google+ yet, I recommend it as a great way to connect and share with others.


Difference between Google+ Pages and Google+ Profiles


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