Monday, November 28, 2011

More free classroom guides for educators from Edutopia

Edutopiathe George Lucas Educational Foundation, is an excellent resource for educators. Their site has a huge variety of resources, tips, and research on education and is accessible for free. They are a big proponent of Project Based Learning and also have a lot of resources on best practices in education. 

They have a page with Free Classroom Guides and Downloads for 2011 that contains  excellent guides in PDF format. There are also additional, related resources linked from this page. 

I posted about this page last June. Since then, they have added some new resources. 

The new guides are: 

Six Tips for Brain-Based Learning
By understanding how the brain works, educators are better equipped to help K-12 students with everything from focusing attention to increasing retention

Ten Tips for Classroom Management
Learn how to improve student engagement and build a positive climate for learning and discipline for grades K-12.

Think Green Guide
This practical guide, filled with inspiring earth-friendly learning projects and classroom-tested resources, will help your school go green.

Edutopia also has great blogs with some excellent articles written by educators. 

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