Monday, November 28, 2011

Share articles from blogs with others with ease and continue the conversation

There are a variety of ways to share blog posts you read with others. You can copy the link and email it to someone or manually post the link on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook. But many blogs, this one included, have easy shortcuts to use to share articles.

At the bottom of each post on this blog are 6 options for sharing. You can print it using Print Friendly and hand the hard copy to someone (although we are trying to get away from using paper). You can also click one of the icons and share the article/blog post via Email, share it on your own blog, post it to Twitter or Facebook and even +1 share it to Google+.

The power of the web is the ability to share and discuss things with a wide group of people. Using these easy methods, you can quickly share things with others. It's also important to not just read things online, but to comment and contribute your thoughts and ideas also. Comment on blog posts you like or are interested in. Share your ideas, thoughts, and experiences with others. This is how we all learn and grow. 


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