Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thank goodness for grants and generous people - they supplied 80% of what's in my room

It just occurred to me as I looked around my classroom that about 80% of the technology, resources and equipment in my room has come from grants, not the school district. I also use all free software and web apps.

School district supplied: teacher computer and printer, Windows and Office, 5 student computers, paper, desks.

Acquired through grants and donations that I applied for: LCD projector, color printer/scanner, ethernet hub, digital camera, document camera, Multimedia Science School software, and 95% of the lab equipment that I use with the students.

Provided by me: DVD player, speakers for computer, equipment and supplies for certain labs, and two other student computers that I salvaged/created from a bunch of broken computers.

I have not had any funds from the school system to purchase supplies or equipment for physics for 5 years and the budget just keeps getting worse.

The IT department has been good to me with support and repairs.

So, I am beyond grateful and thankful for the donations and grants that I have been able to get. Thank you to the Air Force Association, American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics, Donor's Choose (thousands of dollars worth of supplies thanks to various donors), Fairfield University, and a variety of other organizations that have donated money or supplies to my classroom. Without their generosity, my students would not have the educational experiences that they enjoy now.

Thank you!!!!


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