Friday, December 2, 2011

Aerospace Students - resources for all aspects of Aerospace Engineering education

I seem to be on some sort of roll, or in a rut, and keep finding and posting about STEM resources for educators and students.

The newest one is specifically for Aerospace and is Aerospace Students. The site is the "home for future Aerospace Engineers". I'm a little bit biased as I was an Aerospace Engineer.

The site has a variety of resources and information and including a study guide. Then, for each year (1st - 4th) it has "courses" based on different subjects the future aero engineer would be studying. For example, the Introduction to Aerospace Engineering course has links, videos, exercises, formulas, and more.There are classes on aircraft structures, calculus, engineering drawing, materials, aerodynamics and much more.

These resources can be used by students or educators in full as an engineering program or in part to integrate into other classes.

The materials are of high quality and are easy to use.


Engine Education - great resource from Pratt&Whitney on how engines work


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