Thursday, December 15, 2011

Edublog 2011 Award winners announced

Congratulations to the winners of this year's 2011 Edublog Awards.

I was nominated (thank you!) but didn't win. But, just being nominated is an honor and makes me feel good about writing this blog. I love hearing from my readers and sharing my thoughts and resources with them.

Check out the list of winners and nominees at the Edublog Award site. There are some great people and resources there. Share them with others too.

Vicki Davis, Cool Cat Teacher, had a great comment on her blog yesterday about the awards:

And just a word here. Although there are great winners, remember that if you are taking time to write and share that you ARE a winner already. There is an innate desire of most teachers to be thanked. Such little appreciation is meted out in teaching that it is almost a hunger. Every follower, every hit, every reader is a reward. Every comment is a gift. Every blog post has the potential to be a legacy. Share. 
Way too few teachers are recognized for anything and even fewer voted on by teachers. Use this list to find some totally awesome voices but set as your goal to find those that haven't hit the radar yet. Converse and enjoy your area. Don't let "awards" get you down. Be the reward to those who use their precious time to follow you by being excellent, helpful, kind, and respectful. The greater and more excellent we are, the more people will begin to recognize our profession for what it is... The most noble of callings. 
Congratulations to everyone.

Congratulations to the winners and nominees and we'll see everyone at the 2012 awards. 


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