Monday, December 5, 2011

"I teach students" vs. "I teach science" - teaching students life skills

I was working with a couple of new teachers the other day and they all had a similar question. They were concerned that they had not spent an entire class period teaching their subject content (science). I asked what they did and the responses were: "talked with students about nutrition and health", "answered student questions about colleges and jobs" and "spoke with students about bullying and fights".

I told them this phrase that I heard somewhere else "I teach students" vs. I teach Physics, etc. I explained to them that while content is important, we are also trying to teach students life skills and support their needs. What they were doing was awesome and the fact that they were able to have those dialogues with their students was a great thing. I often do the same thing, incorporating life lessons and advice on different topics in my classes.

Content is important, but so are life skills and students being able to connect with an adult they trust.


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