Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mimio New England Virtual Users Group being formed

Mimio makes some great devices for teachers. The Mimio Teach system turns any white board into an interactive white board and works perfectly with the Mimio View Document Camera, Mimio Vote classroom response system, Mimio Pad wireless control tablet, and Mimo Capture ink capture system. I have one of the early versions, the Mimio Xi, and love it. My wife has the entire system and really loves it. The students love using the Mimio Pad to do things from their seats, especially the shy ones. The system is a great tool for educators.

Mimio also has some great teacher resources on their site, including a community forum.

But, teachers supporting teachers is always a great thing. One of my fellow Discovery Educator Network CT Leadership Council members, Lynn Reedy, is a master of Mimio and is looking to create a New England Virtual User's Group for educators who use Mimio products.

The group would meet once a month online in a virtual classroom and all sessions would be recorded for those who couldn't make it. The sessions would include resource sharing, lesson ideas, tips, and how to use the Mimio products in the classroom.

If you are interested, please go to Lynn's original article on the DEN blogs and reply to the post.


MimioTeach system - great tools for teachers - IWB, CRS, Doc Camera, and more


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