Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Zooburst - create interactive 3D pop-up books

Zooburst is a fun tool that lets the user create a digital story in a 3D pop up book. There is a free account available, but if you are going to use this with your students a lot, the paid versions offer a huge amount of class management features.

The books are online and all you need is a web browser with Flash. You can use items from their database or upload your own. The books are truly 3D and you can rotate everything around using your mouse. Items can also be clickable, opening up more information about the item. You can share your book via a link or embed them in a web page. You can even use your webcam to create an augmented reality book.

There is a gallery of books that you can view for ideas. There is also a very good support page.

This is good for any grade level and teachers can even use it to create help resources for their students. Use it for presentations as an alternative to PowerPoint. Use it for creative writing.

Get your students doing some digital story telling in a fun way.

Check out the gallery for some examples.


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