Friday, January 13, 2012

Discovery Education has some great new resources

Discovery Education, already a great resource for educators, has added some more resources to their lineup.

Some of the new content added to Discovery Education:

PBS Newshour: Autism Now - A comprehensive look at autism and its impact is designed to provide viewers with an authoritative, balanced look at the latest scientific research and medical thinking about the disorder.

Hazard Recognition Driving for Teens - This program profiles the hazards of driving and the steps to take to decrease the chance of an accident. Scanning, recognizing, and reacting make a good defensive driver.

Financial Literacy: Teach It!
- Jumpstart your students’ personal financial skills with this dynamic series. Today’s students face a myriad of financial choices. Mastering basic financial skills sets them on a path for financial success.

Along with:

Through the Wormhole: Season 2

Tornado Rampage 2011 (April 2011)

Last Shuttle: Our Journey - last shuttle mission

Nuclear Nightmare: Japan In Crisis - March 2011 earthquake and tsunami

And much more.

Check out the new content at:


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