Monday, January 16, 2012

Fun and useful things to do with your smartphone camera

Here's a list of some fun and useful things to do with your smartphone camera:

1. Remember where you’re parked at the airport or any crowded lot. Photograph the nearest parking location sign.

2. Take a picture of your hotel, building address, room number, and the nearest street sign.

3. Take a photo of your child every day as a safety precaution when you’re traveling.

4. Capture a whiteboard after a meeting.

5. Document damage after a car accident.

6. Document your home and belongings as proof for your insurance company in the event of a loss.

7. Snap a picture of the takeout menu and business hours of your favorite restaurant.

8. Shoot a photo of a flyer for an upcoming event or item for sale.

9. If you lend out CDs, DVDs and books to friends, take pictures and label them with your friends’ names.

10.Take a picture of something you’re about to disassemble, then use it as a reference when you’re putting it back together.

11. Entertain kids with a photo scavenger hunt, with a list of things to take pictures of.

12. Photograph yourself when you don’t have a mirror.

Some education related things:

1. Take a picture of things you wrote on the board for one class so you use the exact same thing for the next class or post it on your class website for future reference. I let the students do this too. 

2. Take a picture of a memo on a bulletin board, handout, etc.

3. Take a picture of lab setups for future use or to include in lab instructions. My students do this and include the pictures in their lab reports. 

4. Take a picture of your room set up at the end of the year so you make sure everything gets back after summer cleaning.

5. Document anything you need documented. Take a picture of things instead of writing things down.

You can save the photos on your camera phone, export them to your computer, upload them to a website, or even use Evernote to save and organize them. Evernote can even search the text inside an image.

I have Sugarsync set up on my Android smartphone to automatically backup all my photos and videos and sync them to my computer.

What are your ideas?


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