Friday, January 27, 2012

Google announces new Google in Education resources

I am a huge user of Google's Resources for Educators and think that they are excellent for education. Read more on Why I Use Google's Products as an Educator.

Google recently announced the creation of “Google in Education: A New and Open World for Learning” which gathers all of Google's resources and lessons learned into one place for educators. It is a booklet, that will be updated continually as a resource for educators. The booklet has data and examples of how Google's resources have helped in education.

Google also revamped their education website,, so that it has everything in one place and they have a Google+ page that has news, tips, updates and more about Google's educational tools and products.

The site has examples of how Google resources are being used by educators and the benefits of using these resources, lesson plans, and a listing of all of Google's tools. It also has professional development and training resources for integrating Google's tools into your classroom and school. The student section has information on Google's many educational programs and scholarship opportunities, along with tips on using Google's tools.

The resources were developed with feedback and information from educators who actually use them in their schools.
These three resources, the booklet, the site and the Google+ page, are all excellent resources for educators that are using, or are looking to use, Google's many tools in their classrooms. 


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