Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Google Digital Literacy Tour - curriculum on online responsibility and safety

Google, one of my favorite resources as an educator, has another great resource for students and teachers.

The Google Digital Literacy Tour is a curriculum developed by Google and iKeepSafe that educators can use in the classroom to teach online responsibility to students.

It is a fun, interactive curriculum with hands-on activities and scenarios and is broken into 3 parts. Each part as PDF downloads for educators and students, along with lessons and videos. There is a guidebook for the teacher, along with videos and presentations.

The three parts are: Detecting Lies and Staying True, Playing and Staying Safe Online, and Steering Clear of Cyber Tricks.

This is a great resource to use with students as you teach them cyber-skills and computer use. It is also a great resource to share with adults who may not know enough about cyber-safety and use.\


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