Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Insync: sync your Google Docs to your computer

It's no secret that I love Google Docs and use it often. I also use GDoc backup to make a backup copy of my documents to my hard drive. I run this once a week. I also use Dropbox to sync all of my files to the cloud and my school files between my home computer and school computer.

There is a new service available though for people who want to sync their Google Docs to their own computer.

Insync (not the boy-band) is a service for Windows and Mac OS (Linux support coming) that syncs your Google Docs onto your local machine. This means you can access and edit your Google Docs offline using MS Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice or the like. You download and install the software on the computer you want the files synced too.

It allows you to sync all your files from your Google Docs account, including not Docs files like PDF and Zip files. It even allows for multiple Google accounts.

Storage is through Google since it is syncing the files to your Google Docs account. If you need more storage than the free 1GB, you'll have to pay through Google.

This is another good file sync service. Since your files are synced to Google Docs, you have online access to your files everywhere.


Cloud Sync and Storage Services


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