Monday, February 27, 2012

Adobe PhotoShop Touch for iPad2 now available

Adobe announces the availability of Adobe Photoshop Touch for the iPad2. Photoshop is the premiere, industry standard, for photo editing and effects and having it available for the iPad expands it's usability.

The Android version of Adobe Photoshop Touch, along with other Adobe Touch Apps, was launched on Android back in November 2011.

Photoshop Touch brings core Photoshop tools to mobile devices, and now to the iPad2. Features include: combine multiple photos into layered images, edit and add professional effects, touch up photos, paint, lay out ideas, and more. It also integrates with Facebook and Google Image Search to make finding images easier.

It also has interactive tutorials for users.

This is another great tool for educators and students to use to create projects.

Adobe Photoshop Touch is available in the iTunes App Store for US$9.99. Adobe Photoshop Touch will also be available for $4.99 via the education volume App Store (iTunes Link:

If you would like additional information about the app please visit the product page or follow @AdobeEDU or @AdobeStudents for the latest news. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions.

Here is a link to the press release that Adobe issues – it has some really helpful links:


Adobe Education Exchange - resources, tips, links, and forums on using Adobe tools in education

Adobe Digital School Collection - supporting creativity and digital literacy

Adobe - wrap up of their recent product releases - great tools for education

Here are some screenshots of Adobe Photoshop Touch:






Check it out!


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