Monday, February 6, 2012

Awesome LiveBinder of Evernote Resources for Education

I'm a huge fan and user of Evernote for, well, everything. I use it for my lesson plans, lesson resources, lesson schedule, meeting notes, class notes, student notes, research, web clippings, recipes, to do lists, project management, and so much more. I share notes with colleagues and students. I can access my notes anywhere on any web enabled device. I created an Evernote for Education resource page to collect great resources and to use when I do training on using Evernote in education.

I just found an incredible resource for anyone looking to use Evernote, especially in Education. Justin Stallings, an educator that I know from my Personal Learning Network on Twitter, has created an incredible LiveBinder of resources on Evernote for Educators. There are links to official Evernote pages and videos on how to use Evernote, to links and resources on using Evernote as an educator to get organized, as a learning tool, and much more.

If you use Evernote as an Educator, you really need to look through this LiveBinder on Evernote for some great ideas and tips. If you don't use Evernote, why not? Seriously, Evernote is an incredible resource for educators and students alike and this page can help you get started.

Check it out:

I'm adding it to My Evernote Resources for Education page.


My Evernote Resources for Education Page

LiveBinders - Organize materials in online binders

Twitter - A Great Resource for Educators


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