Monday, February 6, 2012

DemoSlam - view, learn from, vote for, and create tech demos

DemoSlam is a very cool site from Google that has all kinds of different technology demonstrations and let the viewer choose their favorite.

You can view the champs and all of the demos created. There are some great demos that can be used by teachers and students alike such as one on how to use Google Docs to create a presentation, and on how to use Google Video Chat.

The coolest part of the whole thing is that ANYONE can create a tech demo using the tools and resources provided. That means this can be used by teachers to create demonstrations to help their students, or by students as a way to demonstrate what they have learned. This is the kind of assessment that lets students demonstrate content knowledge, technology skills, collaboration and teamwork if they work on a team, creativity and problem solving. These are the skills they need for college and the future.

Check it out!


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