Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Donors Choose team visited my classroom today - great group, great resource for teachers

DonorsChoose is an awesome site, created by former educators, that allows educators to create a project idea, select the materials and equipment needed, and get funding for those supplies. The teacher fills out the project format and selects materials and then DonorsChoose does the rest. Donors go to the site (and the site is advertised) and donate to projects. DonorsChoose then orders the supplies and ships them to you. Then you just have to complete the thank you package, which is very easy to do.

I teach in an urban district with serious budget issues, yet I, along with lots of other teachers, have been able to get supplies, materials, equipment and more for my students through DonorsChoose. I've gotten literally thousands of dollars worth of lab equipment and supplies and technology through DonorsChoose to help my students learn and experience physics.

Today, four members of the DonorsChoose staff came to visit my classroom. I was contacted by the CFO, Andy Kaplan a while back. It seems that the staff love to go out and visit classrooms where DonorsChoose has made an impact. We chatted for a while, they talked with my class, and then they stayed and learned about electric charges and electric fields and watched the demo and students doing a lab with materials funded by DonorsChoose.

They were friendly and very interested about the school and my classes and wanted feedback about my experience with DonorsChoose. They want to help as many teachers and students as possible. It was a great visit.

The DonorsChoose team speaks to my AP Physics class. From left to right, Andy, Diana, Taylor, and Jeff. A great group of people doing a great job for educators.

If you don't use DonorsChoose, you need to. It's easy and a great way to get funding for materials, supplies, equipment, computers, laptops, printers, field trips and so much more. The staff is friendly and responsive to any questions or requests for help.

Get a project submitted and funded.


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