Monday, February 13, 2012

eTextbooks, Textbooks, iPads - what are the costs?

Last month, Apple announced iBooks2 with the main focus being on electronic textbooks for education. I wrote my initial thoughts, concerns, and observations then and am still a skeptic due to costs and access to devices. iPads are expensive ($500) and then add in the costs of the iBooks ($14.99) for each student. Most schools are in the red and have no money for devices. Instead, I like device and OS agnostic, free apps and e-textbooks, along with free web resources. There are a bunch of links below for more on that.

Here is a great infographic that goes through the costs of iPads and iBooks vs. traditional textbooks. It's an interesting comparison.


Apple Announces iBooks2 E-Textbooks - my initial thoughts

On device apps/software vs. web apps - which is better for schools?

iPads vs. Textbooks


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