Friday, February 10, 2012

Kitzu - Find, Learn, Create digital learning resources

Kitzu is a great resource for finding "Digital Kits" for education. These digital kits are zip files packed with resources on the topic. The kits have PDF files with information, summaries, and resources. The kits also have picture files, musics, video (depending on kit) that can be used. The materials are all copyright-safe.

The resources are sorted by grade, K-12, and subject, English/Language Arts, Math, History/Social Science, Dance, Music, Science, Theatre, and Visual Arts.

You find a kit for the grade level and subject area, research the topic, and then create a video or media project using the resources.

This is a great resource for teachers to find lesson ideas and resources, or for students to use to research different topics.

It was developed by the Orange County Department of Education (CA) and anyone can create and submit kits.


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