Wednesday, February 8, 2012

NASA Spinoff - magazine showcasing NASA technology used everyday

Spinoff 2011 cover

NASA Spinoff is a magazine that I've been subscribed to since college (WPI '92). The magazine showcases how technology NASA developed for aerospace programs have been "spunoff" to other industries, including consumer products.

The 2011 edition is now available and discusses 44 different technologies that NASA developed for their programs and how they are now implemented in medical, consumer, industrial and military products. Firefighting systems, medical monitors, software, and much more.

You can get it in print, CD-ROM or on the website.

This is a great way to show students how inventions and technologies can be used in more than one way. A project idea may be to have students take a technology and see how they could apply it to another field or area.

NASA Spinoff: 


NASA at Home and City - Space developments related to life on earth


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