Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Podio - social work platform - great for education too

Podio is a "social work platform" that allows people to collaborate on projects. The service has already made apps for managing projects, and also provides an easy way to create your own project management apps. It also integrates with Google Docs. You create dedicated work spaces to work on projects and assignments. There are also iPhone and Android apps for Podio.

There's a free student version (https://students.podio.com/) and there are free accounts for anyone.

Some of the features:
  • Project Management

    Discover the easy way to run projects. Simple yet fully flexible. Enjoy successfully finished projects.
  • Social Intranet

    Share knowledge, see what others are working on, and connect to your co-workers to become a great team.
  • Collaboration

    Discover the new way of collaborating across teams and organizations. Work smarter together and create more value
  • Product Development

    Boost your development process. Stay on top of customizable workflows. Leverage team power to create great products.
  • CRM & Lead Management

    Stay on top of all your business relations. Fully customizable to close more deals and know your customers better.
  • Recruiting

    Manage your recruiting process in one place. Get out of spreadsheets and email and enjoy hiring the best candidates.
  • Event Management

    All you need to organize great events. Easily keep track of budgets, participants and your team's tasks.

Some of the features of the student version:

6 reasons you'll love to use Podio

  • Task Manager

    Hit 'T' anywhere in Podio to create a task. It's as easy as that to create your to-do list
  • Simple Surveys

    Easily create survey apps, turn them into powerful web forms and collect your research hassle-free
  • Files

    Share all your documents and files in one place, so you can comment and work on them - unlimited storage included
  • Workspaces

    Create as many workspaces as you need to work together with your study group, research fellows, or your entire class
  • Social

    Think of Facebook just for your professional study and work-related needs
  • Mobile

    Use our free mobile apps to easily create new study notes and stay on top of your essays & uni projects on the go


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