Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quickly find free NASA educational resources

NASA Educational Standards Quilts are a quick and easy way to find free NASA educational resources that align to National Math and Science Standards.

The materials are available online for download and print, or you can order copies.

The site starts with a menu of 5 quilts: Space Science, Mathematics, California Science, Girl Scouts, and More Education Resources. They are available online, text version, and an Excel version. The online version is easier to use and interactive. The text and Excel versions have the resource links in each box.

You click on the quilt you are interested in. The online versions take you to another page where you select the grade level (K-4, 5-8, 9-12), area (Science: Science as Inquiry, Technology Connections, Personal/Social Connections, Nature & History of Science, Unifying Concepts and Processes). The grid then has different concepts across the top. In science they have forces, motion, sky, solar system, etc.

The light blue boxes have resources. Click on the box and the resources show on the bottom left of the screen, with a summary of the resource on the right.

In less than 5 minutes I was able to find 22 resources for one lesson for my physics class. It's a great resource for any Science or Math teacher.

Here are a lot more great, free Educational Resources from NASA


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