Friday, February 3, 2012

Two More Free Image Editing Resources

Earlier today (actually wrote the article yesterday and had it post today) I wrote about some free Image editing sites and software. Google Picnik is shutting down in April, so many people are going to be looking for alternatives. In addition to the three (Aviary, Paint, and iPiccy) I wrote about this morning, I have found three more alternatives:

Pixlr - Pixlr is a free, online image editing tool that is very powerful, yet pretty easy to use. It has a lot of great features and the menu and icons are similar to other services, so the learning curve is small.

Google+ Creative Kit is a full-featured image editing system built into Google+. It is basically what Picnik was, now on Google+. Edit, crop, add effects, and much more, all through Google+.

So, that's five alternatives to Picnik.

What do you use for image editing?

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