Monday, February 6, 2012

Using Evernote for ePortfolios - great idea

I'm a huge fan and user of Evernote for, well, everything. I use it for my lesson plans, lesson resources, lesson schedule, meeting notes, class notes, student notes, research, web clippings, recipes, to do lists, project management, and so much more. I share notes with colleagues and students. I can access my notes anywhere on any web enabled device. What I haven't used Evernote for yet is ePortfolios. But I found a teacher who is.

"Evernote as Portfolio - The story of using Evernote as a portfolio in my k-12 school" is a blog written by a teacher in Portland, Oregon who has been working to use e-portfolios in their classroom for the last six years. They are writing this blog to share their work, successes, and obstacles in using Evernote and mobile devices to create e-portfolios with their students.

The blog has great examples of using Evernote for e-portfolios, along with what worked and what didn't. 

This is a great resource for teachers looking to use e-portfolios with their students and wanting an easy to use, free system like Evernote.  


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