Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bundlenut - combine online resources into a collection

Yesterday, I received an email from Bundlenut telling me about their site. I have been using it and really like it.

Bundlenut is a free web app that lets you combine different online resources into a commented list that can then be shared with students. It is similar to a webquest, but more useful as a way to gather different resources together in one place for your students.

For example
- we imagine a teacher combining a series of wikipedia (or etc) pages as a reading assignment
- the teacher can include an optional comment about each page, so the student knows what the teacher wants them to focus on, etc
- the teacher could then share the link to the bundle with the students, and expect them to surf through the resources on their own.

They don't currently support Google properties unfortunately (Youtube being the biggest loss) but wikipedia and most other sites work perfectly. More functionality is planned for the future. It is free and very easy to use, with or without a login.

This is a great way to gather information and resources from the internet for your students. It could easily start to supplement or even replace textbooks.


Jog the Web - create webquest-like guides to web pages


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