Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Krunchd - make one link to multiple sites - great for sharing web sites

Have you ever wanted to share more than one link with someone and didn't want to have to write/type all of the links? Or, are you using Twitter and only have 140 characters available? Do you want to share multiple web sites with your students for research or a project?

Krunchd is a free service that allows you to create one link that will bring someone to a collection of links you set up on Krunchd's system.

Example: I want to share a bunch of article links on Twitter about Project Based Learning. They won't all fit, even by shortening each url. So I go to Krunchd, set up a single link for all of them and post that one link. I can even give the collection a title and description.

You get to pick the URL, which is pretty cool. If you leave it blank, the site will generate one for you. The link will be and then 18 characters of your choosing.

Original Links:

New Krunchd link -

A very useful site for sharing multiple links.


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