Wednesday, March 14, 2012

List of What Makes a Good Teacher - created by students

This "what makes a good teacher" created by a group of high school students.

treat students with respect
be enthusiastic
know your stuff
be available for extra help
use multimedia resources and multiple resources for students
connect with students/ form relationships
interact with students- outside school activities, talk about their personal lives
real life connections to materials/class
just talk to students and get to know them in first few days
if using PowerPoint, use less words and have slides available for download
don't lecture for whole class, mix things up
use games for review
let students use a note card for test or some kind of reference
realistic homework - if you assign too much, students won't do it, or won't be able to
science classes - problems and projects and labs
give students multiple days to complete homework - allows for issues in schedule, sports, etc.
don't give all class rules at once - overwhelms students - just touch on main points
use web resources - class site or blog, and review materials students can access at home
let students do work on board and explain how to do it instead of teacher always doing it
projects - one big one per marking period with some class time for them
let students pick project groups - easier for meeting outside of school
be flexible - reschedule test if lots of tests on same day or other things going on

What do you think? What would you add to the list?


Do you want to know what works in education...ask your students

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