Saturday, March 3, 2012

Most Read Articles on Ed Tech Guy for past week

Another week done. My physics classes have been working on their bridge projects. They did a webquest on bridge design and construction, designed their own bridge, and are now building them out of balsa wood. Then they will do a structural and stress analysis of the bridges, as well as a design review, and then we will test the strength of the bridges. Next week starts standardized testing for the 9th and 10th graders, and loss of classroom time for everyone (don't get me started on this).

Have a great weekend. Rest up, enjoy life!

My wife and I are going shooting (I have a Glock 23 .40 caliber handgun - lots of physics there!), a date night dinner, and then relax and spend time together after a busy week. (She's a high school Biology teacher)

Here are the most read posts from the past week: (and don't forget to check out the posts from Friday. They don't usually have time to get to most read status.)

1. Adobe PhotoShop Touch for iPad2 now available

2. 11 steps to planning Professional Development

3. Great collection of E-Safety/Digital Literacy Resources

4. Dabbleboard - virtual whiteboard for online collaboration

5. NASA Simulation based Aerospace Resources for Educators

6. NCLB’s Impact on Science Education - NSTA Reports

7. This Dynamic Earth - free plate tectonics lesson from USGS

8. PBS Teachers Activity Packs - free lesson resources for educators

9. College Necessities 1988 vs. 2012 (as in stuff to bring, not what is needed for success)

10. Some more great Android Apps for Education

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