Thursday, March 8, 2012

now!Board - portable interactive whiteboard technology


now!Board is a portable interactive whiteboard system from Learning Resources. It turns any whiteboard into an "interactive" whiteboard. It is very small, consisting of a sensor and a stylus that fit in a small case and then connects to your computer via USB cable.

It is $499 retail, which is less expensive than most interactive whiteboard products. You obviously need to provide the computer, whiteboard (or other surface, even a wall), and projector.

The software installs quickly on your computer and then you calibrate the sensor just like you would with a SMART Board or Mimio system. The sensor sits near your projector and you have to move it to get it to line up. It was not as quick and easy as I expected. The Mimio system is easier to set up since the sensor mounts right on the whiteboard itself. (The Mimio is also very portable). The stylus is easy to hold and use.

The software has similar functions to other IWBs, but there is not as many features or pre-made lessons at this time. The software does allow you to annotate, draw lines and do screen captures.

The construction felt a little cheap as it is very lightweight plastic and the calibration took longer than it should. But, it is inexpensive and very portable so it might be a good fit for many teachers.

I have a Mimio system in my classroom that I use and love. It is more expensive than the now!Board, but less expensive than a SMARTBoard. It is also portable and the software is similar to SMART Notebook.

This is another resource that teachers can use. Like everything else, personal preference is a factor and you should try out different products before purchasing.

More infonow!Board website


MimioTeach system - great tools for teachers - IWB, CRS, Doc Camera, and more

Disclaimer - I received a free now!Board to do this review. 


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