Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Professional Development Sourcebook - free PD resources for teachers

The Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook is a great resource for teachers and administrators. It is published twice annually, for free, and contains a huge amount of resources.

Each issue includes articles, news, tips, ideas, research, resources, a calendar of professional development activities and more, all about professional development and continuing education. The back of the sourcebook is a type of yellow pages (even though they are white) with a directory of products, services, resources, and more related to professional development and continuing education. The directory is organized by type, topic, and subject area.

The Spring 2012 issue just arrived today and is focused on "instructional efforts that, against difficult odds, are showing signs of success in bringing reading and writing to life for today's students." Articles include using improv to inspire students to write creatively, differentiation for readers, turning teachers into literacy coaches, improving writing instruction, using older students to tutor younger students, reading fiction, Common Core issues, formative assessment, and much more.

Teacher PD Sourcebook cover 

Past issues have dealt with reaching special needs students, ways to do professional development with no budget, social networking and social media in education, Web 2.0 resources for PD, real world learning and authenticity in education, ELL issues, as well as making professional development more interesting and timely for educators.

Back issues are also available online.

It is from the publisher of Education Week, which also publishes Teacher Magazine and Digital Directions. All three are also great resources for educators.

You can apply for a free subscription to the Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook.

I also wrote another article about Professional Development and resources.

The site has back issues online, as well as a ton of articles and resources, ranging from assessment and discipline, to PBL and PLN's, to administration and ELL/EFL. This is definitely a site to add to your favorites.


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