Friday, March 2, 2012

Sometimes, we need to be forced to relax

xkcd is a comic that is very funny (sometimes a little racy) that I like to read. The topics range from relationships, to politics, to human nature, to technology and more.

The latest one is great.

I think it's very poignant in today's world that we need a reason or be force to stop, take a break, relax, and enjoy life. We tend to get caught up in work and our lives and don't experience life. Teachers are guilty of this too. Between the actual school hours, grading, lesson planning, professional development, social media on education topics, and fighting for what's right for education, we sometimes forget to just stop and enjoy life. 

So, to all educators out there, I'm giving you "Erro: 41". It's Friday. Leave work behind for a while this weekend and go enjoy friends, family, nature, and life. Refresh and replenish yourself. 

Happy Friday everyone!


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