Thursday, March 15, 2012

StudyBlue unveils the ‘world’s largest digital study group’


StudyBlue, the company that has a free service that allows students to create and share flashcards, quizzes and study guides, has just announced a new feature that allows students to share and compare their online notes and materials with other students. 

There are more than 2 million flashcards on the site, ranging from math, to history, to science and more. With this new feature, students can connect with each other and study, share and collaborate. They can compare their understanding to that of other students. They can also use the other students' flashcards to help them learn. When they create a flashcard, they will see a list of 30 most relevant or similar flashcards that they can review and compare.

This is a great addition to a very useful study tool for students.

Source: StudyBlue site:


StudyBlue - create and share flashcards, quizzes, and study guides


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