Thursday, April 5, 2012

52 Google Docs Secrets for Students

Google Docs is one of my favorite resources for myself, other teachers, and students. I use it constantly and when I share it with other teachers, friends, or my students, they are usually impressed and start using it too.

There are tons of features and functions in Google Docs that make using it extremely useful and effective as an educational tool. The fact that it's free, online, and collaborative make it great for students. Word Processing, Presentations, Forms, Drawings, and Spreadsheets. Google keeps adding more features too.

The folks over at OnlineColleges have come up with a list of 52 Great Google Docs Secrets for Students. Each tip has a link to another website, sometime's Google's, that explain that tip in more detail. Tips include adding videos, formatting, converting to other formats, creating graphs and equations, and much more.

If you use Google Docs, or are planning on using them, this is a great list of resources and tips.


Google for Educators Resources - tips, using in education, resources, training, apps, and much more.

my other favorite resource: Evernote for Education - resources, tips, ideas and more

Presentation on Google for Educators

Why I use Google's Products as an Educator (and how)

Google Resources - Resources to highlight various ways to use Google Apps for instruction and student use

Google Apps for Education Training Center - - great resources to learn how to use Google Apps in the classroom.

Google for Educators- Resources for using Google in School:


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