Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Evernote tip - Create a table of contents with note links

Evernote is one of my favorite resources. I use for note taking, clipping research and information from the internet, for lesson resources and lesson planning and much more.

Here's a great tip: You can create a table of contents using note links. This means you can associate notes with each other and get your notes more organized. You can learn more about Note Links here on the Evernote blog.

Note links allow you to link different notes together instead of copy-paste or re-typing. You can link lesson plans with lesson resources, link reference information to meeting notes, and so forth.

The table of contents feature is great because you organize related notes into the table and organize related notes to each other. I created a table of contents for my Physics class curriculum and linked all the different notes I have to each unit topic. I can then go to one note and then easily find related information.

Here's how to create a table of contents (from the Evernote Blog):

  1. Grab the Note Link to a note by right-clicking on the note and selecting to Copy Note Link.
  2. Create a New Note in your notebook or go to a note where you’d like that Note Link to go.
  3. Paste the link (it will show up as the hyperlinked title of your note) into your New Note or existing note.
  4. Do this for all other notes you’d like to include in your table of contents, putting them in the order that you’d like people to look through the notebook.
  5. You can perform this as a batch action, too. Select multiple notes, right click and then add them to your new or existing note.


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