Monday, April 9, 2012

Infographic - What do High School Students want from mobile tech

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ASCD (Association for Curriculum and Development) has taken statistics from a variety of sources and coalates it into a nice infographic about students, mobile learning, learning methods and what high school students want in mobile learning.

The research shows that banning mobile devices in school does not work and that schools should be embracing these devices and helping students use them for learning. Some of the stats:

63 percent of students attending schools carry their mobile devices despite the rules (probably conservative)
63 percent of students want online textbooks with communication facilities;
40 percent want online texts with collaboration tools.
43 percent stated social media is one of the main ways they communicate with friends online.
62 percent of student use the Internet as a new source; whereas 17 percent use it to gain knowledge concerning topics generally difficult to talk about — such as drug use.

I am one of those teachers who hastes the rule banning these devices. I've allowed my students to use them in class before and, along with some other faculty, is pushing to change the rules. 

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