Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Which Social Network should you use? Infographic on which to use when.

Social Networks are a great resource for businesses, keeping in touch with friends, and education. Social Networks help educators and students learn, stay in contact, connect, share and more. But which Social Network is best for what?

Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, the many systems made for education (Twiducate, Edmodo, etc). Which do you use? Many schools and teachers like to use systems like Edmodo and Twiducate because they can keep things private and see who is accessing the information. Many schools use Google+ and set up Circles to keep things private and organized. Others just use Twitter and Facebook. It all depends on your needs, policies, and what you are trying to do with the system.

Here are some articles on different social networks and what they are useful for, as well as some course management systems that include social networking features. Below them, there is a great infographic from business consultant network Zintro on social networks and when they are best used for what purpose.


Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook - a nice comparison

Social Media in Education - connect, share, learn, communicate and more


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