Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Discovery Education Science Techbook debuting for High School!

Discovery Education Science Techbook is an incredible resource for educators. It's more than a digital textbook. "It’s a different way of thinking. Thinking outside the box, perhaps. Or more appropriately, thinking outside the book." "The Techbook not only provides awesome content aligned to each state’s standards (there are currently Science Techbooks available for most grades K-8 in 30 states across the U.S.), but includes a model lesson for teachers to use with every concept, assessment questions for each standard, a teacher’s guide, and DVDs for when the Internet is not available. Resources such as the virtual labs, reading passages, video segments, science sleuths, explorations, and interactive glossary, etc., are packaged together to follow the five E model of instruction. Teachers have found an easier and creative way to build lessons using technology resources and content, as well as differentiating their classroom."

It is not just a PDF or other media file with links. It is an entire ecosystem of lesson resources for educators to use in their classroom. It's not free, but neither are print textbooks or iBooks, and the DE Science TechBooks are ready, aligned to standards, and in use in thousands of classrooms around the country.

It has been available for Middle School for quite some time and is now debuting for High School. There is a webinar on May 29th that will debut the high school version. Check out the details below.

Discovery Education is ready to go to High School with the introduction of the Discovery Education Science Techbook for Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Earth & Space Sciences. Join us to learn more about each course as we take a quick dive in to the resources and instructional strategies used to develop this amazing textbook replacement.

Ready for High School?.... We Are!
Join us for the debut of Discovery Education Science Techbook for High School Educators Webinar
May 29th, 2012
6:00PM EDT
To Register or join the webinar please visit:



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