Saturday, May 12, 2012

Excite - epidemiology resources & activities from the CDC

EXCITE! is a program developed by the CDC to teach students about the causes and prevention of disease and injury while improving their research and analytic skills. Students learn the scientific method employed by epidemiologists—or disease detectives—and use what they have learned to solve real disease outbreaks on their own. The materials are geared towards grades 7-12 but can be adapted for the lower grades. 


There is a page on epidemiology in the classroom that explains epidemiology and how to track and investigate and outbreak. There are lesson plans and activities included. There is a resource library available with links to more information and resources. 

The outbreak investigation is a great activity that combines content knowledge and skills. 

This is a great resource for biology and health classes to use (as well as other classes in science, math, and other areas) that teaches content, scientific method, problem solving, critical thinking, and more. 



BAM - Great Education resources from the CDC


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