Thursday, May 3, 2012

Google Docs updates - 450 new fonts, 60 new templates, image insert options, and more

Google is constantly updating and refreshing their products. The recently launched Google Drive, which is an online file sync and storage service that is integrated with other Google products like Docs, and they just announced a bunch of new features and upgrades.

Google Docs, the online office suite of apps, now has over 450 new fonts in it. You do have to add them to your Docs though. Go to font menu, click "Add fonts" at bottom, go to the menu of web fonts available, select the new fonts you want, and they will be in your Docs font menu.

Google has also added more options for inserting images in Docs. You can insert them from Google Drive, search for images in the LIFE photo archive, or even use a picture taking with your webcam. 
There are new gridline and axis format options in Charts in Spreadsheets, more accessibility in Docs, the ability to set the default page size for new documents, over 60 new templates in the template gallery and an increase in the size of docs files from 2MB to 50MB. 
You can also convert CSV files directly in Google Docs to be able to read them. If you try to open a CSV file in Docs, you get a "No Preview Available" page. Click File>Export to Google Spreadsheet and you will be able to view it in Docs. 

Read more about all the new features and options on the Official Google Docs Blog. (source)


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