Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Google Updates Chrome and adds Research in Docs

Google had  a busy beginning of the week, releasing three updates that are very useful.

1. Google Chrome Browser - version 19 released: Chrome 19 patches 20 vulnerabilities in the browser and supports tab synchronization. It already had support to sync your bookmarks, passwords, apps, and more across your account onto all copies of Chrome (including on Android) and now it also adds the ability to sync your open tabs across your account. This is handy when switching from one device to the other.

2. Google Docs gets built in search - do research as you work: In Google Docs, there is now a research pane where you can do a Google search directly from Google Docs. No need to open a new tab or leave your document. It is under the Tools menu. You can right click on a word in Docs that you want to learn more about also, or use the pane to search for anything you need. It will even automatically add a footnote citation for you!

This is a great resource for anyone doing research or writing a paper.


Google for Educators Resources


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