Monday, May 21, 2012

Microsoft Launches, quietly, new social network -

Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and now Microsoft has quietly launched a new social network,, pronounced "social" that was originally an academic resource for students. It is now available to everyone through either a Facebook or Windows Live account. With, you can aggregate multimedia content into one post to share with others. You can re-share and comment on posts, and there is also a video chat feature.

I'm curious to see how this does considering Twitter and Facebook seem to rule the social networking space, with Google+ doing good, but not great yet.

I wanted to try it out myself, but after trying to sign in with Facebook, I got a message saying that I am on a waiting list. We'll see if survives or not soon.

It could be useful as another way to connect and share with others without all of the "noise" the more popular networks have.



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