Monday, June 11, 2012

Plagiarism of my blog happening right now

The other day, Richard Byrne over at Free Technology for Teachers, emailed me to let me know that a site was stealing content from my blog. The site,, seems to be automatically reposting entire articles from my blog. I have been using Richard's great post "What To Do When Your Work Is Plagiarized" to work to get the site shut down. There is no real way to contact the blog owner, but I have filed a complaint with Google/Blogger.

I have had a few other blogs do the same thing, but when I contacted the blog owner, they apologized and changed how they shared my content. I spend a lot of time on this blog and I don't think it's too much to ask that people don't blatantly copy entire posts, no matter whether they put a link back or not.

I have no problem with people sharing what I write about, but it should be a summary and then link to my article. Copying entire blog posts, even with a link back to my site, is plagiarism and violates the CC license and is just bad practice.

I want to thank Richard for finding this site and bringing it to my attention.


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