Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Evernote for Administrators - some ideas and tips

Evernote is a great resource for teachers and students. Take notes, organize information, clip web sites, research, lesson plans and more. But it is also a great tool for administrators.

All of the notes can be created and accessed from desktop computers and tablets and smartphones, so it's easy to use and access.

Evernote can be used by administrators for:

1. Teacher observations and evaluations - take notes in the observation and then share the note with the teacher for review and comment.

2. Meeting notes - take notes at meetings

3. Share Meeting agendas and notes - create the agenda in Evernote and share that note with attendees.

4. Student notes - use to document student conferences, parent contacts

5. Random notes - take notes, tasks/to do's, and more at any time and access from anywhere.

6. Reference notes - policies, procedures, contacts, notes, and more, all in one place.

7. Model technology use for teachers and students

8. Journal - keep a journal of daily activities, ideas, issues, and more

9. Task list - create task lists to keep you organized and on track

These are some of the ideas I had for administrators to use Evernote. What ideas do you have?


Evernote for Education Resources


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