Thursday, September 27, 2012

RockMelt - web browser and social media all-in-one

RockMelt - Not a browser. A WOWser.

RockMelt is a free web browser that blends social media into the browser to keep everything in one place. It is similar to Chrome since it is also based on the Chromium web browser and fast and secure.

The difference in RockMelt is that it combines your social media networks into your browser. In the browser  itself are notifications from Facebook, Twitter, news, your emial, and more. You can easily share what you are viewing online through social media, and quickly chat with friends. You can also sync so you can access the latest news and your bookmarks from anywhere. There is also a quiet mode to let you get work done without distractions.

RockMelt is like Chrome and Social Media collided like peanut butter and chocolate did in the Resse's commercials.

This could be very useful for people who use a lot of social media during their day and convenient for people to use at home.


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