Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Clouds Over Cuba - intense interactive history lesson about Cuban Missile Crisis

Clouds Over Cuba is a new interactive history lesson about the Cuban Missile Crisis. It is a multimedia documentary on the Cuban Missile crisis and was just released, 50 years to the day that JFK learned that the Soviets were building missile sites in Cuba.

The project was developed by the Martin Agency for the JFK Presidential Library and Museum. This group also produced "We Choose the Moon" web site about the space race.

The interactive film has archival footage and goes through the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis and how it almost ended with nuclear war. There is a huge amount of information and resources available including the 26 minute documentary film and in-depth information on different topics, photos, actual documents and audio recordings and more. There are interviews with experts on each topic also.

The really interesting parts of this project include a digital dossier that will save any material you view so that you can access it at any time, including via smartphone. You can also sync your iCal and Google Calendars with it and you will get notifications of the 13 most critical days of the crisis and even virtually attend meetings held on those days about the situation.

There is also an additional film that looks at what life today might be like if nuclear war had occurred instead of the actual resolution to the crisis.

An Interactive History Lesson On The Cuban Missile Crisis And A Sobering What-If

This is an excellent project and is a great resource.

Even if you are not a teacher or student of history, this is a site to check out.


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