Friday, May 17, 2013

Wonderopolis - free resource for find the answers to what students wonder

Wonderopolis is a great, free resource that has some great resources to help students learn and explore all kinds of topics. It has topics ranging from the science of why the sky is blue to how sound effects are made to pretty much any question, or "wonder" a child has.

There are quizzes to help reinforce knowledge and connect to related ideas, mobile design and navigation, social networking features, ways for users to share ideas, and over 900 different topics of wonder.

Some ways Wonderopolis is used:
Wonderers include teachers, students and parents wondering about the world around them in a variety of ways:
· A fifth grade teacher supplements classroom work to help her students develop authentic writing skills, critical thinking and expanded vocabulary
· A third grade class taps Wonderopolis while researching and writing papers
· The mother of a first grader spends early morning quality time with her son checking out the Wonder of the Day and exploring past Wonders
Take a look at it and use it with your students. Share it with your students and parents as a resource to use over the summer to continue learning and curiosity.

Wonderopolis is run by the National Center for Family Literacy and supported by the Verizon Foundation.


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