Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tips on getting started with Evernote

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Evernote is my main tool for work and home. I've been using it for 5 years and love it. It can be tough for someone new to Evernote to get started with it.

Here is a great article by an on-line friend of mine, Tim Stiffler-Dean, about how Evernote can be a little overwhelming at first and how to get over that.

Here is also a great article, and video, from Evernote on getting started and my main Evernote page has ideas on getting started.

I also told another on-line colleague that I would give him some tips on getting started with Evernote for his specific needs.

He teaches technology and physics, assists with the school network, and writes a tech column for a newspaper. Here are some ideas for using Evernote for each of these:

Teaching: (see here for more on how I used Evernote as a teacher)

  • lesson plan resources (from books, web sites, magazines, files)
  • lesson plans - schedule of what you are doing each day, linked to the actual lesson plan in Evernote
  • unit plans and resources (attached files, links, web clippings)
  • curriculum
  • project ideas
  • student work and e-portfolio's

School Network

  • specs of all equipment
  • network map
  • to do list
  • web clippings of articles that are useful
  • equipment information
  • plans
Writer: ( I do this for the articles I write for this blog and two tech magazines)
  • story ideas
  • notes
  • clippings of research
  • articles themselves

Hope this helps!


My Workflow as CIO - includes heavy use of Evernote


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